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Cement Kiln Bag House


Bag House: Each bag house compartment is 20’ x 25’ x 60’h with a total of 12 compartments. The bag house shell and tube sheet are constructed of plain carbon steel.

Customer Need: A recommended solution to address the customers main challenge:

  • Corrosion of the steel shell and build-up of fly ash agglomeration from condensing flue gases that develop as internal temperatures drop allowing the formation of an acid dew point.


Engineered Approach: A proprietary high temperature, energy efficient ceramic coating system on the internal steel shell consisting of ITC 213 specifically formulated for metal, ITC 100HT thermal barrier coating and ITC 296A high purity, low porosity top coat.

High Temperature Energy Efficient Ceramic CoatingsThere are several proprietary, high temperature, energy efficient ceramic coatings to work in concert with refractory or metal substrates. Under ideal conditions, high temperature coatings absorb energy from the process and re-radiate it to the process, imparting the following benefits:

  • Lower Maintenance Costs – Protects the metal substrate from condensing acidic flue gases thus reducing downtime needed for costly maintenance repairs.
  • Lower Heat Loss – Minimizes heat transfer through the steel shell thus eliminating the formation of an acid dew point.


Bag House Longevity – Current metal loss is estimated between 0.5 mm to 1 mm per year. With the use of ITC Coatings steel shell life is extended on average 4 to 5 times longer.

Increase in Efficiency – Reduction in condensing flue gases and corrosion leads to a reduction in bag and cartridge corrosion as well.

Reduction in Downtime/Reduced Maintenance Costs