ITC coatings are by far the most advanced ceramic coating on the market. There are many benefits including:


  • Fuel consumption in reheat, heat treat and forging furnaces
  • Heating, firing and process times
  • Recovery time
  • Scale generation
  • Slag build-up on boiler tubes
  • Refractory erosion due to slags and fluxes
  • Electrode consumption
  • Maintenance on refractory
  • Overall carbon footprint


  • Reheat furnace thru-put
  • Furnace efficiencies
  • Refractory life
  • Residence times

Repair, Protect and Maintain

  • Refractory brick, fiber, castables, gunite & shotcretes
  • Tundishes & tundish lids
  • Ladles & ladle preheat stations
  • Pouring troughs
  • EAF deltas
  • Metal surfaces exposed to high heat
  • Boiler tubes, steam & water piping


  • Corrosion due to condensing flue gases
  • Molten metal breakouts in ladles
  • Shrinking of ceramic fiber